Welcome to the farm

What to Expect at the Farm

There will be a diverse crop of knowledge here.  This site will house the collected works and be the new landing ground for articles by David Pyrzenski.

In the forthcoming posts, there will be some novel explorations in commerce, marketing, business consulting, and client success.

The ideas presented in most articles touch on topics or ideas that have additional room for exploration.  The intention is for those that find inspiration in the articles to test the ideas in practice and contribute content in return; validating or rejecting the assumptions and assertions.

What Makes a Farm and Ranch

We’ll spare everyone by avoiding agricultural references going forward.  But here’s some context to set the stage:

Where do “best practices” come from?  Sure, you’ve been given best practices to use, read about them, achieved success with them, etc.  But where did they originate from and how did they become “best”?

Best practices are grown from the seeds of a hypothesis.  Somewhere, someone has an idea that they feel strongly enough about to test in practice.  When their idea pays dividends, they utilize it in repetition and it is either shared or copied by others who can leverage it in their own walk of life.  When it becomes pervasive enough, with a strong enough track record of success, it becomes a “best practice”.  On this site, we hope to plant the seeds of ideas that could be cultivated into best practices.  At the very least, we hope to inspire future farmers to create their own best practice farms.

What makes someone a “Thought Leader“?  How is one christened with that illustrious title?  Many people call themselves “Thought Leaders”.  But are they?  Are you?

A Thought Leader is a person that routinely gets other people to think.  A thought leader can help transform the way people approach an unfamiliar topic or terrain and broaden their horizon.  Some thought leaders are well known and well published, and others are unheralded.  But they exist all around us and we benefit from their contributions every day.  On this site, we hope to inspire people to challenge the status quo.  We hope to inspire people to share their ideas and knowledge and find comfort in having lively debates.  Thus, we want to bring out the “Thought Leader” in as many people as we can.

A note on narration

Although David (that’s me) will be contributing most of the content, it will be presented as “we” and not “I” out of respect to all of the folks who’ve added inspiration behind the scenes and worked through the validity of the ideas being presented.

I hope you enjoy!

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