Communication Automation: Leverage Your Technology Beyond Marketing

Email service providers (ESPs), marketing automation platforms (MAs), and customer relationship management suites (CRMs) have been advancing through the years to provide the optimal marketing content to optimal microsegments. From your customers’ perspective, the benefit is that they receive relevant information that appeals to them at the right time. For example, through advances in scoring and automation, they can be walked through onboarding and goal-completion processes based on their interactions and conversion events.

The amazing marketing tools that makes these individualized interactions possible are typically selected, implemented and managed by brand marketers or agencies, and they frequently don’t extend the technology to other shared services. In many cases, this is a missed opportunity.

With marketing orchestration platforms, brands have the ability to leverage automation tools beyond the marketing department and use them for any communication process that internal mail clients would usually manage. Here are some suggestions on departments and programs you can approach to extend the value of your communication platform:

Human Resources – Compliance

Often, HR has employee training that needs to be completed by a certain date/time. Each employee will naturally complete the training at different times. With automated messages, you can periodically email people who haven’t completed the training and remind them of the due date.

With a program, you can set up various tracks that remind employees who haven’t completed the training and reward those that get it done on time. You can even email management a list of people who have or haven’t completed the training so they can follow up in person. Setting up a campaign like this takes minimal effort for a seasoned marketer and creates enormous value by removing administrative overhead for the HR department.

Human Resources – Talent Acquisition

Finding great candidates for an open position isn’t easy. In a way, selling a position is much like selling a customer on a major product investment. Your product needs to be competitive, and you need to supply the customer with as much information as they need, when they want it, to help them make the decision. This is no different when it comes to finding the right employee.

In order to choose your company and opening, potential employees need to learn what differentiates you from the competition and buy into your corporate value proposition. With progressive Web forms, you can have candidates get started with their email address and incrementally add questions through the profile creation and application process. That way, you can create programs and automations that help qualified candidates provide as much information as possible and ultimately reach a conversion event of “application submission.”

Consider the common scenario in which people start an online career profile or application but have to pause to take care of a more urgent task. Often, life gets in the way and they don’t get around to completing the submission. With some triggered, process abandonment emails, you can help the candidate come back where they left off and complete the application.

Sales – Learning Management

When your company creates a new product or service, a new version or release of a product, or changes the go-to-market approach, your sales team needs to be trained in a timely fashion. It’s also critical that they get all the related product information and understand their place in the process.

Consider creating learning management scoring models and programs for this type of training. Enter team members in a program that sends them information about the new product or service and establishes trigger conversion events such as downloading content or submitting a form. Move them through the messaging process based on these actions and remind those that are lagging behind. Set up scoring models based on the learning events and highlight the progress of each individual with personalized content.

These are just some of the areas in which you can leverage these platforms beyond marketing efforts.  By using your platform across departments and groups, you’ll get incremental value and ROI and add efficiencies that were previously unavailable.

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